Collaborations With B-MoGen

Development of High-Throughput Methods to Validate Antibodies Through Knockout Cells Bio-Techne has enlisted B-MoGen to generate a pipeline to validate their vast antibody catalogue and set new standards for the antibody marketplace.

Research at B-MoGen

Novel Gene Delivery Pathways

B-MoGen is working to develop new and creative gene delivery mechanisms with which to modify therapeutically relevant cell types in a faster, less toxic, more cost effective and safe manner.

Methods for Detection and Isolation of Precisely Gene Edited Cells

We have developed two patent-pending technologies for rapid detection and viable isolation of genetically modified cells. This process will usher in a new era of high-throughput gene editing in live mammalian cells, and greatly increase the speed at which we can discover new drug targets, study genetic diseases, and create new therapies for human disease.