Primary Cell Editing Services

  • Capability to gene edit nearly any primary human cell type (i.e. CD34s, T cells, B cells, etc)
  • Specific HLA, Sex, or CMV status PBMC donors available upon request
  • Ability to generate high frequency gene knock in, gene knock out, and multiplex gene knock out
  • Cells maintain high functionality and high viability (typically >95%)
  • Both PCR and Western blot analysis available upon request
  • Cells delivered cryopreserved in Cryostor™ media at user defined cells per vial

Work Flow of Primary Cell Editing from B-MoGen

High Frequency Targeted Gene Knock Out Primary Human Cell

Primary human T cells underwent targeted gene knock out using the primary cell editing work flow described above. A targeted nuclease specific to the gene of interested was delivered as mRNA to induce double strand breaks leading to non-homologous end joining (NHEJ) repair leading to insertions/deltions (Indels) that knock out gene function. Five days post engineering cells were analyzed for the frequency and abundance of indels using tracking of indels by decomposition (TiDE) analysis.