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You don't have to be reminded about lost time, effort, expense and limited success of your last CRISPR work, let alone the iterative nature of that project.
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We'd like to introduce you to G.E.E.K. - B-MoGen's new Co-Transposition kit that reduces the need for single-cell cloning or fluorescensce- activated cell sorting, making B-MoGen G.E.EK. one of the most cost-effective and high performance gene-editing products on the market today.
Faster Results.
The cells you want.
The ROI you need.
With G.E.E.K., creating a population of custom-made cells has never been simpler. By implementing B-MoGen G.E.E.K. into your process, intelligently designed vectors are partnered withtransiently expressed reagents to allow for highly efficient enrichment of indels and homologous recombination.
The easy-to-use, vector-based transposition system designed to maximize gene knockouts in awide variety of cells.
B-MoGen provides cutting edge tools for gene delivery and gene editing which provide unique andpowerful solutions to basic and applied research problems.
This is CRISPR
This is CRISPR
with G.E.E.K